A Masterclass with Fred Sirieix – ‘Making Excellence a Habit’

Lots of training ideas to take back into the department and improve what we are currently doing.

Fred is obviously passionate about Catering and Hospitality. This re-energises you over small details. Thank you Fred.

I found the role play in the afternoon really inspiring. The extra detail to service that makes a big difference.

For One Night Only

The whole course was an insight into the areas that need to be reviewed.

The entire day and content was extremely useful.

It was really interesting to learn about¬† the implications for bringing in under 18’s & the Child Protection Policy.

This has made me aware of the ‘extras’ that we need to include in our contracts, including the sub clauses & disclaimers.

CUBO & UHS Residence Life Masterclass

 Delegate Quote in Press 

“The best seminar I have ever attended”