About Us

University Hospitality Seminars, UHS, is a limited company working in strategic partnership with the Association of College and University Business Officers (CUBO) to provide bespoke courses and training to the university commercial and operational sector in the UK.

Our Mission

To train and develop a sustainable pool of dynamic, talented professionals, empowered to lead their departments and influence their institutions to deliver financial sustainability and exemplary customer experiences.

Our Vision

To develop the leaders of tomorrow and support lifelong career development.

Our Objectives

  • To deliver relevant, sector specific courses that provide front line staff with the skills they need to survive and thrive in a new and changing world
  • To support a philosophy of life-long career development by providing the tools that the sector needs to nurture and develop a pool of future talent and under pin a clear strategy of succession planning
  • To deliver exceptional training courses which represent not just value for money but a stand out, memorable experience and which add real value to our members and their organisations
  • To empower University training and development professionals and provide them with the skills, support and resources to deliver measurable value to their organisations
  • To break down the traditional barriers between different teams and departments, suppliers, consultants and contract service providers to maximise knowledge sharing potential and to deliver the best possible customer experience
  • To raise the profile of the sector as an innovative and dynamic place to work and to retain and attract the best talent

Our Values

  • We will strive to facilitate knowledge sharing from within the sector at all times but will not be afraid to introduce external expertise when necessary
  • We will encourage honest and open feedback and adapt our courses, strategies and resources accordingly
  • We will always lead by example by challenging the norm, embracing change and not being afraid to take risks when necessary
  • We will act with integrity at all times and in line with our philosophies as a not for profit organisation

Our Governance

As a not-for-profit limited company, our Board comprises:

Directors – Richard McGloin and David McKown

Company Secretary – Dave Orwin

In operating the company, the Directors work with partner organisation CUBO and individual institutions to determine the learning and development needs of the sector. The course programme is developed to respond to demand, in line with the strategic operational requirements of UK universities.

University Hospitality Seminars Ltd, Registered in England no. 1370080

Registered Office: Halifax Hall, Endcliffe Vale Road, Sheffield  S10 3ER