Role of the Company Director

Seminar Details
Date: May 4, 2023
Location: Online
Price: CUBO Member Rate £450 plus VAT and Non CUBO Member Rate £540 plus VAT
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To provide participants (people who are aspiring to be in a directorship or are currently in one) with an overall understanding of the role.

The Course will cover:

· How the board functions and board member’s roles

· An overview of statutory books

· How to run an effective board meeting

· Corporate variety

· The legal role of directors and their compliance

· Companies Act 2006

· A director’s guide to staying out of jail

· Basic statutory and criminal liability

This course will be online and a link will be supplied in due course.

Prior to the online session, the trainer will send out essential pre course reading materials and a self assessment “quiz” that is discussed online.

So completion of the pre course materials is essential.