Finance Training Part 1 (P & L) for HE Commercial Managers

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Date: February 19, 2019
Location: Halifax Hall Hotel, Endcliffe Vale Road, Sheffield S10 3ER
Price: CUBO Rate £345 + VAT & Non CUBO Rate £414 + VAT
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This course has been designed by business people, with real life experience of how finance understanding can help drive business performance and profits.

Finance decisions are taken at all levels in an organisation, that impact the overall company results. The ability to read finance reports, and apply them in a practical sense, is the cornerstone of an effective manager, director, and leader.

This course starts by assuming no prior knowledge of finance and accounting, and carefully explains and practically illustrates the various components of finance reports.

Interpreting finance reports to practically further the business, is the outcome of this course, delivered by a trainer who holds 29 years’ experience in growing businesses.

All course notes will be provided.

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