Chinese Culinary Craft & Culture

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Date: March 3, 2020 - March 4, 2020
Location: Lu Ban Restaurant in Liverpool
Price: CUBO Rate £395 + VAT & General Rate £493.75 + VAT includes accommodation and all meals
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A unique seminar staged across two days, in the kitchens and food laboratories of IACCA and Lu Ban Restaurant – in the charming Caine Brewery Village, Liverpool. Endorsed by Master Wu, Chinese Master Chef, the course is jointly led by Pam Educations Head of Learning, Lee Allsup and Lu Ban Executive Head Chef Dave Critchely, who is to undertake Master Chef status training by Master Wu – as his last honoured student prior to retirement.

The course is supported and hosted across its duration by Andy Daniels from UHS Ltd.

A great seminar to install value, takeaway techniques and skills not only to deliver a culinary edge, but also to appreciate and receive insight into supportive Chinese culture. When delegates return to their respective Universities, they will be equipped to apply shared focus across both Retail and higher level foodservice learnings within their respective operations.

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